5-Day Divorce Pain Recovery Crash Course

5-Day Divorce Pain Recovery Crash Course to Overcoming the Initial Emotions of Separation and Divorce

Powerful advice and wisdom you can use right now to bare the crushing pain of divorce.

To make a positive difference in people’s mental health and well-being in Africa.

Take Your First Step To Deal with the Overwhelming Pain of An Unwanted Divorce

Creating awareness and restore the loss of identity, esteem, confidence, peace, and the joy of living, that life away.

Questions The Divorce Recovery Course Answers

1. Am I Normal? Do other people feel this devastated and alone?

2. What about the children? What are they thinking?

3. How long will I feel like this? Everyone tells me to just “Get over it.”

4. What are some practical coping strategies to feel better?

5. How can I connect with others for encouragement and support?




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