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Do you want to manage your life’s challenges, heal and recover from past hurts and simplify your life for healthier, happier living? Then this is the place to be.!  Our Blog focuses on real-life issues and situations affecting your emotional and mental well-being. 

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Do you have something to contribute that’s relevant that can help someone in this community? If so then please do share. Ensure it’s about your story. Send it in and let us see if it fits our guidelines for us to publish. 

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Get involved in our DISCUS forum with issues triggered by the blog articles. Your Stories.

You are free to stay anonymous, give a username or your real name! It’s down to you. Whatever you share – remember it’s about your own story and how through it we can support one another in love and enable healing given from the stories of our lives. It’s about you. No one else.


A community of people talking about how we improve our emotional and mental wellness and how we can support one another, our children, families, and communities!

This blog is an accumulation of Shibero’s Akatsa’s wisdom and advice from 25+ years of professional, life observations, life experiences, and lessons learned along the way. She writes and speaks from her heart.




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