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Hello Sisters,

I am so glad we have found each other. 

My name is Shibero Akatsa, and I add ‘Ms’ without any apologies. I am divorced and still unmarried.

I went through an extremely acrimonious separation and divorce and it is only through God’s grace that I am alive today. So, I really do understand the emotional rollercoaster, the ins, and outs of the separation and divorce processes, the healing, and the moving on with life after separation and divorce, and I can say, I am living my best life now. And so will you, as long as you keep looking forward, and keep going. YES. There is a future and it is brighter than the past. Read my story in ‘An African Woman’s Story of Divorce in Kenya’.

I am a Christian Separation and Divorce life coach for women in Africa and also the author of ‘An African Woman’s Story of Divorce in Kenya; Separation and Divorce Healing Guide for Women in Africa; Girlfriend’s Practical Guide to Separation and Divorce in Kenya; Quick Guide on How to Write a Co-Parenting Plan; Womens’ Mental Health in Nairobi Kenya; Women in Kenya Claim Child Support; and Stress and Depression Self- Care Workbook for the African Woman. I am also the founder of Shibero.com Psychosocial Trust and African Mental Health; a Clinical Psychotherapist and Mental Wellness Self-care Advocate, with 25-plus years behind me in clinical practice. You can find out more about what I do at: linkedin.com/in/shibero-rose-akatsa-ms-8a445213a


Marital Separation Is tough. You Don't Have to Go Through it Alone

We're here to help

The few friends we have left, who aren’t separated or divorced get tired of hearing about our situation way before we’re ready to stop talking about it.

Some family members and friends say, “just move on” as if it was that simple. As for Churches, most see you as the ‘scarlet woman who couldn’t keep her family together’, quoting endlessly “God hates divorce”, and often clueless as to what to do with us – so women leave their churches seeking refugee elsewhere.

That’s why SADFAW exists. Divorce is tough. But you don’t have to go through it alone. You are in a safe space with other women who are also struggling, find the support you need, and learn effective tools and resources to lift you out of your overwhelming emotions and toward a life where you will thrive. Your future days will be better than the past, much as you may not see that now, but it will be.

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