African Teacher Joke:

My school teacher taught me most of the lies I tell today. She would tell me to write a letter to my uncle abroad when she knows my uncle is in the village.!

I love comedy. I love to laugh. Do you laugh at all? When was the last time you had a really good laugh from the pit of your stomach? This takes letting go of your inhibitions and just indulging in the laughter.  There’s a certain freedom in belly-aching laughter. Life has become so serious that we have forgotten how to laugh!

I remember one Christmas when both my parents were still alive, back in Kakamega. All my nieces and nephews who were under the age of twelve years old were playing a running game. Nothing much really. Watching them, I started to laugh and laugh. As they ran up and down, they were giggling, laughing and so full of fun and joy! They were just enjoying the moment. I marveled at their ability to just enjoy, falling on the ground with merriment. It was such a blessing watching them and being reminded that there are times as adults we just need to enjoy all the world’s woes and live in the moment.

There was a period I was going through a very rough patch. The events of the ‘rough’ patch were not funny at all! I became one serious woman who hardly laughed. When I came out of this season, I realized how much not laughing had affected me. I had missed laughing so much. I took to watching, even more, comedies. Especially the British ones. I kick-started myself back into ‘lightening up i.e ‘relaxing’ and having a laugh. It has done me a world of good. I enjoy a good laugh.

Laughter is FREE and one of life’s greatest gifts and to our mental wellness. It makes our complex and often confusing existence decidedly more tolerable. It’s so satisfying when you laugh until your stomach hurts. And because laughter is contagious, there’s an inexplicable power in sharing laughter with others, and even with complete strangers. It’s no wonder that it is contagious because it is a universal language.

There’s a great deal of evidence that shows laughing improves both our mental and physical health. For example, research shows laughter activates the release of happy hormones when it comes to happiness mainly Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins, and Oxytocin. These affect your entire body and work towards stabilizing mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness.

So, laughter not only reinforces social bonds, it’s essential to our survival. When life gets tough, laughter is often the only thing that makes us feel better. Laughter sets the spirit free – doesn’t matter how ‘you look’ when cracked up with laughter, even in even the most tragic circumstances.

It helps us shake our heads clear, get our feet back under us and restore our sense of balance. Humor is integral to our peace of mind and our ability to go beyond survival. It gives us strength, both spiritually and mentally.

Oftentimes, we take life so seriously that we forget that we need something to lift us up, that doesn’t demand anything of us – like laughter!  We should laugh at the absurdity of it all and revel in both our positive and negative characteristics — they’re what make us unique. 

Life is a series of ups and downs. We can’t allow negativity to take over; we have to fight against it, and laughter is one of our most powerful tools in this endeavor.

Here’s a comedian I find quite funny on youtube. Have a good laugh.  Sometimes the funniest things can be the things you encounter every day.



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