Overcome Stress & Emotional Burnout to a Happier Balanced You


You will understand the relationship between stress and burnout, the warning signs, and the areas that make you vulnerable to burnout. You will learn the resilience skills needed for a happier more balanced life.


This Self-Care Stress and Burnout  care is for you if:

  1. you’re feeling overwhelmed and worn down by the daily pressures of home, work, and life in general.
  2. your significant relationships are falling apart
  3. you have reached a point where being on the treadmill of life doesn’t seem to make sense anymore and you’d like to get off it but don’t know how.
  4. you don’t have any more emotional energy left to give to the different aspects of your life and life has become meaningless.
  5. you know that something has to change and you don’t know what.


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