What You Can Do If Your Feeling Suicidal


Here are some tips to fight back against thoughts about ending your life. We also give you longer-term strategies on how to stop thinking about suicide. Having suicidal thoughts can be alarming, but they do go away. Try to figure out the best strategies for you, so you can weather any storm.


Well done for taking the first step to truly helping yourself overcome the thought of taking your own life. We want to offer you clues and suggestions for how to make your way out of the bleakness or pain you’re experiencing. You won’t always feel like this. Keep going. Read, listen and act upon what we have for you in this course.

Suicidal thoughts can be very difficult to deal with or understand. Sometimes they can be fleeting, but other times they can be stronger urges and fantasies that promise relief from seemingly unbearable pain.

Even if you think you won’t ever act on them, all suicidal thoughts need to be taken seriously – the earlier you can address them the better.

Though it can be tough to remain hopeful, there are ways to overcome suicidal thoughts.


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