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Our work helps to promote and support the mental health and psychosocial well-being of communities in Africa and beyond. We provide services for individuals, and families, signposting for everyone, training & consultancy for schools, and community groups including churches, and organizations.

We work towards good mental and psychosocial health for all with a focus on prevention is better than cure. Everything we do is based on protecting people’s mental and psychosocial health. We know that some groups in the communities are at higher risk of mental health problems due to the social, economic, and environmental circumstances they find themselves.


Much of our work challenges these mental health inequalities by helping those at the greatest risk. These are some of the projects we have been involved in.

1. African Mental Health First Aid and Self-Care (online and offline)

Online mental wellness and resilience-building learning platform. 2021- current at Shibero.com

2. The Shibero Mental Wellness Show

YouTube Mental Wellness Resilience Life skills show (2019 – 2022)


3. Mental Wellness and Intentional Living (on and offline)

Strengthen individuals, families, and women with the aim of reducing the number of families and individuals affected by stress, trauma, and depression. 2018-2021


4. Shibero Akatsa's YouTube Channel:

Mental wellness and life skills development videos for the community



5. Books

Mental Wellness Workbooks and Personal Development for individuals, and families




6. Published Research:

Women and Mental Health Disorders in Nairobi, Kenya. A Situational Analysis.1998-2019). 2nd edition 2022.



7. Stress, Trauma & Emotional Wellness for Women in Africa

Helping women be prepared mentally and psychologically, so that they can manage the opportunities and challenges that come with urbanization and reap the benefits, without sacrificing their mental wellness.

8. WCRSC (Women's Counseling Rehabilitation & Support Center)

Promoting Emotional Wellness & Life Esteem in Women & Girls’ Lives

9. Campaign to break the Stigma of Mental Ill Health in Africa

9. Women’s Therapy Place

Gender based outpatient alcohol and drugs dependency for women




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