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African Mental Health First Aid: Bringing Positive Change to Individuals & Communities in Africa

Mission statement

“To make a positive difference in people’s mental health and well-being in Africa.”

Vision statement

“A society which actively values and supports people on their journey to positive mental health.”

What we do

Equipping people with the relevant life skills to prevent and manage depression

We're here to help

African Mental Health First Aid (AMHFA) actively creates awareness, and empowers, and promotes the mental health and well-being of people affected by depression in Africa. 

Why AMHFA Is Important?

Big Issue

Mental health problems are a BIG issue in Africa because more than 25% of African women are suffering from depression and 85% have no access to mental health treatment.

Archaic myths

Archaic myth, taboos, and stigma attached to mental health problems. Negative attitudes and behaviors about mental health disorders have caused those affected to try to hide their problems and avoid getting help because of the mistreatment from the communities.

Those with mental health problems may not seek help.

 Those individuals may not realize that they need help or may be unaware that effective help is available.

Many are not well informed.

Some individuals may not know how to recognize mental health problems, how to respond, or how to self-care and what treatments are available.

Professional help isn’t always on hand.

When these resources aren’t available, members of the public can offer immediate first aid and assist the person in finding appropriate help and support.

Few know how to respond

Participants learn a five-step action plan to be able to support someone with a mental illness or who develops the signs and symptoms of an emotional crisis.



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