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EmpowerHER Path Executive Program(EHPEP)

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Fearless. Powerful YOU.

Transform, Lead, Thrive 

A Journey to Purposeful & Fulfilled Living

Unleash Your Inner Warrior and Transform Your Life!

You’re not here by accident, you’re here because something within you yearns for more. You’ve felt the tug on your heartstrings, that quiet voice whispering to you of untapped potential and dreams unfulfilled. It’s a voice you’ve known all your life – the call of your inner warrior, waiting to be unleashed.

This is more than just a program, it’s a transformative journey designed specifically for women like you, who are ready to reclaim their power, redefine their purpose, and live their lives with unshakeable confidence and joy.

EHPEP is your chance to experience an extraordinary transformation, a journey from feeling powerless to standing tall in all your unique power. Your inner warrior is waiting, ready to break free and create a life that resonates with your deepest desires.

A New You, Living the LIFE of Your DREAMS!

13-Week ONLINE Group Coaching Program.

Investment:  $1000.00 (13 sessions)


  1. Destined to Lead: Unleashing Your Innate Power from Within
  2. Emotional Mastery: Unlocking Emotional Agility and Strength Serenity Now:
  3. Strategies to Calm Emotional Fatigue
  4. Authentic Confidence: Rising Above Doubt
  5. Balance Blueprint: Tackling Stress and the Myth of the “Strong Woman”
  6. Emotional Alchemy: Turning Anger and Guilt into Empowerment
  7. Inner Oasis: Self-Care and Resilience Techniques for the Modern Woman
  8. Visionary Path: Designing Your Personal Legacy of Vision and Purpose
  9. Voice Amplified: Fearless Advocacy and Speaking Your Truth
  10. Gratitude Grounding: Embracing the Power of the Present Moment
  11. Purposeful Pacing: Time Mastery for a Serene Life
  12. Time’s Treasure: Making Every Moment Count in Purposeful Living
  13. Bonded by Integrity: Leading Relationships with Power and Esteem
  14. Legacy Crafting: Leaving an Empowered Imprint Beyond Time

Benefits of Joining the Program


You will reclaim balance, ignite resilience, and thrive in every facet of your professional and personal life. You will experience renewed energy, find fulfillment, and embrace your unique and empowered self on a transformative journey of growth.

The Package

Complimentary 30-Minute Consultation: 

Prior to starting the program, take advantage of a free 30 mins -via Zoom, consultation session where you can ask any questions you have and gain clarity about the program.

13 Transformational Coaching Sessions

Group coaching - once a week
Series of 3 one-on-one coaching sessions, 45 minutes.
These sessions will be conducted conveniently via Zoom.

Detailed Session Summaries, Resources, and Recordings: (zoom recording)

After each coaching session, you'll receive comprehensive summaries capturing the key insights and strategies discussed.

How to Get on the Program

BOOK a 30-minute Zoom call here to find out if the group is for you and payment plans


Take advantage of this comprehensive program designed to support your transformation and help you achieve lasting results.

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    Are you feeling unfulfilled, stuck, or just craving something more from your life? You’re not alone, and it’s not too late to start making meaningful changes.


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