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I remember at the age of fourteen, wishing I could wave a magic wand that would zap me to a different planet or world, where I could become somebody else, because I hated my life and the person I was. This was when it all started. I felt I didn’t ‘fit in’, any where at […]

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Mental Health Has to Be Part of Schools Curriculums!

We need to save our children! They are seriously affected by depression and anxiety leading to suicides at a very young age. Here are some statistics: In Africa, 2 in 7 young people aged 5 to 16 have a mental health problem. 2 in 10 are affected by depression anxiety and posttraumatic stress that is […]

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https://nation.africa/kenya/life-and-style/dn2/this-is-why-teens-in-kenya-are-committing-suicide-448948   Ms. Shibero Akatsa Interviewed and article written by Wanja Gathu According to mental health expert, Ms. Shibero Akatsa, the capacity to think, act and process emotion in a rational manner is diminished among young people, especially when exposed to unbearable pressure, stress, drugs and alcohol. She said children in this state of mind are […]

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To Women Who Love Their Alcohol

Are you a woman who has taken to having an alcoholic drink regularly?If so you could be putting your health at risk. According to a study by WHO World Health survey of African women(including female youth) are drinking more  and more. (bmcpublichealth.biomedcentral.com/). Women are using alcohol to cope with the chronic levels of stress. This […]

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Struggling to set boundaries with your adult children?

I remember when our daughter was young, my presence was central to her life. I, as Mum, provided daily support and supervision. And now that she is an adult, the way in which I am present for her has had to change…and am still learning everyday along the way of this new season, which has […]

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Tired of the drama in your relationships?

Is your life a constant drama? Maybe it’s someone else you know? Somehow they always seem to attract drama. Ever wished you could make the drama stop? Well now you can end the constant emotionally charged battle that repeats itself in your life. Relationships can be so full of drama that leaves you feeling like […]

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