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About Shibero

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello, I’m Shibero Rose Akatsa (Ms). I’m an accredited Clinical Psychtherapist, Mental Wellness Consultant, and Women’s Emotional Wellness Advocate. I’m also the Founder and Director of Shibero.Com Psychosocial Health Trust (SPHT), which is a trust dedicated to promoting psychosocial and mental wellness. Additionally, I’m the Producer and Host of the Shibero.Com Mental Health YouTube Show.

My journey of advocating for mental wellness began in 1993 in the UK, and since then, I’ve been passionately committed to supporting individuals, women, and communities. My ultimate goal has always been to assist individuals, particularly women, in overcoming life’s challenges and empowering them to effect positive change in their lives.


I bring a wealth of experience to my work with women. Not only do I draw from my personal experiences as a woman, but I also have a background in clinical practice and have held management and executive roles in international development, corporate organizations, and charities.


You can find my work on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Podbean. One of my most well-known contributions is “The Shibero Show,” a popular program that aims to promote mental health wellness throughout Africa.


As an author, I’ve written several books, such as ‘Unleashing Her Inner Warrior,’ ‘A Separation and Divorce Guide for Women in Africa,’ ‘An African Woman’s Story of Divorce in Kenya,’ and more. These books, along with my Stress and Depression Self-Care Workbook for Women in Africa, are available on Amazon.com or through Shibero.com’s mental wellness learning platform shop.


I’ve had the privilege of being featured in newspapers, magazines, television, and radio in Kenya, the USA, and the UK. Through these platforms, I’ve been able to share my expertise as a Stress and Emotional Management and Depression Expert. Additionally, I’ve been invited to speak at professional clubs, corporate and community organizations, and educational institutions. Moreover, I maintain a significant presence on various social media platforms.


In my therapeutic approach, I primarily utilize Transactional Analysis (TA). TA is a well-recognized model of therapy that focuses on analyzing communication patterns, ego states, and psychological games. Through TA, I assist individuals in identifying patterns, developing healthier communication strategies, and breaking free from destructive cycles, enabling them to live more fulfilling lives.”

Credentials and Qualifications

  • – Professional Mediator, Africa Medition. Kenya 2023. 
  • – Mental First Aid Training, UK. 2021
  • – TEFL/TOEFL (teaching English as a second language) UK 2020
  • – PGrad: Teaching (Performing Arts) 2005
  • – PGrad: Alcohol & Drugs Abuse Counselling. Birm. UK. 1998
  • – PGrad: Clinical Psychotherapy (TA).S.C, Birm, UK.  1998
  • – Activities/Societies: Institute of Transactional Analysis (IATA). United Kingdom Registered Certified Psychotherapists. 1995. 
  • – PG Cert. Couples & Family Counselling and Education, UK 1995
  • – BSc: Radio/TV Production/Film & Speech Communication, Oregon USA. 1988

To learn more about me and my work, you can visit my YouTube playlist, Shibero.com website, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Instagram profile, and TikTok account.





I am a speaker,  author, and teacher, with 25 plus years of running a Clinical practice and  CEO and Founder at SPHT (Shibero.com Psychosocial Health Trust) and at Shibero.com.

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health First Aider, a Psychosocial Consultant and a Women’s Wellness advocate based out of Kenya and the United Kingdom, who has always been passionate about providing high quality mental wellness and personal development empowerment, and systemic change. 

While my current professional work focuses on providing psychotherapy to professionals, entrepreneurs, and other high-profile members of society, I got my start in the field of psychology serving people experiencing homelessness. I consider it a privilege to support people all along the continuum of life circumstances with the changes they seek. I’ve even been known to get goosebumps in session when my clients have breakthroughs!


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