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The Weight of Unforgiveness

Have you ever felt like a dagger in your heart when someone wronged you? Let’s be real. We’ve all been there. Maybe it was that time your bestie completely forgot about your big day. Maybe your dad just didn’t understand why you chose that career path, or perhaps it was the painful memories from school when you were picked on. And of course, there’s nothing like the pain that comes from betrayal by someone you share your life with. Be it a big incident or just a tiny slip, getting hurt is a universal experience.

When we’re hurt, especially by those dear to us, it’s like an emotional storm brews within us. We feel rejected, scared, betrayed, or just downright insecure. Just like how a tiny cut can get seriously infected if we don’t treat it right, these emotional cuts can get infected too. They can fester with resentment, bitterness, and thoughts of revenge. Instead of helping ourselves heal with a dose of forgiveness, sometimes we unknowingly sip on the poison called unforgiveness. 

So, what is unforgiveness?

Imagine holding onto a balloon filled with anger, resentment, and all those nasty emotions. That’s unforgiveness. It’s when we can’t let go of the pain someone caused us. Instead of healing and moving on, we keep replaying it in our heads, feeling that anger and hurt all over again. And just like any wound that doesn’t get the care it needs, with time, it doesn’t get better—it only gets worse. Imagine lugging around a massive backpack everywhere you go. At first, it might seem manageable, but as days turn into weeks and weeks into months, that bag becomes unbearably heavy. That’s what unforgiveness is like – a constant, heavy weight on our souls. And the longer we ignore it, the deeper it roots, pulling us down.

Ladies, unforgiveness? It’s toxic. We’re feeding our souls with something that’s slowly poisoning us from the inside.

But what does it do to us? Let’s dive into the negative effects of unforgiveness.

So, diving right back in—unforgiveness? It’s like a whirlwind of chaos inside us. Picture it: an emotional hurricane that tosses up stress, anxiety, depression, insecurity, and a heap of fear. And beneath all of that? A heart that’s turned stone-cold. You see their face or even just hear their name, and suddenly you’re reliving all those emotions of anger, resentment, and bitterness. It’s like a never-ending replay of a painful past. And sometimes, the hurt takes over so much that we lose the zest for life. Sound familiar?

Imagine your mind as a room, and unforgiveness. It’s like that oversized, obnoxious piece of furniture that takes up all the space, making it difficult to breathe. You replay that painful moment, dissecting every word, every gesture, like a film critic analyzing a movie. And maybe you’ve caught yourself crafting the perfect confrontation speech or daydreaming about some poetic justice. And, ugh, when we get caught in that loop? It’s not just about the current heartache. Suddenly, every bad memory from the past wants a starring role. It feels like we’re trapped in this twisted cinema of our own making.

When we’re draped in unforgiveness, everything looks different. The world seems like a stage where every misstep feels like a scene directed against you. You start to walk on eggshells, expecting not just the one who hurt you, but everyone, to let you down. Before you know it, that pain isn’t just an emotion; it’s become your entire persona.

And, ladies, it doesn’t stop there. Holding onto grudges isn’t just harmful to us; it’s also not our most glamorous side. Maybe you’ve found yourself ranting about that person one too many times or stretching the truth to gain a few sympathetic nods. And those passive-aggressive vibes, the silent treatments, or maybe the petty jabs? Not the best accessories we could choose. Reveling in someone else’s misfortunes or plotting revenge? It’s like we’re donning a cloak of negativity.

Picture unforgiveness as a spill of red wine on a white carpet; it spreads, staining everything in its path. Maybe your partner or colleagues are tired of that same old rerun, or perhaps your friends are starting to keep their distance. And, let’s be real: it’s hard to share love and warmth when there’s a chill in our hearts. That distrust? It creates a wall between us and our loved ones. It’s like wearing armor 24/7 because we’re scared of getting hurt again.

The cherry on this not-so-delicious cake? Unforgiveness doesn’t just tug at our heartstrings; it messes with our health too. Studies have linked it to high blood pressure, a weaker immune system, sleepless nights, lingering pain, and even heart troubles. And get this: because of its damaging effects, cancer treatments are now including forgiveness exercises to help patients heal.

Sisters, let’s reclaim our space, our health, and our hearts. It’s time for a spring cleaning of the soul!

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Shibero Akatsa

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