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Mental Health

What My Simple Garden Of Eden Lifestyle Is About

So what does it mean to live simply and why does it matter?  It’s not a minimalist trend that you may be thinking of, but rather, it has more to do with how we were created and calls for a complete mindset shift to get back to the original state of existence we had in […]

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From an early age, I have always had a yearning for a quiet simple life, with as little stress and complications as possible. And to this day, in my sixties, that’s precisely what I am doing. Living a simple quiet lifestyle. Off the grid. and off the treadmill. And yes. It has been worth it. […]

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The Weight of Unforgiveness

Have you ever felt like a dagger in your heart when someone wronged you? Let’s be real. We’ve all been there. Maybe it was that time your bestie completely forgot about your big day. Maybe your dad just didn’t understand why you chose that career path, or perhaps it was the painful memories from school […]

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Girl Talk: Why Women Are Vulnerable to Depression

Hey ladies! Let’s chat about something that many of us have faced or might face: depression. You know, a shocking 10-15% of us will experience it during our lives. And get this, that’s twice the number of men who do. Crazy, right? You see, our bodies go through a lot. I mean, from periods to […]

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How I Overcame Impostor Syndrome and Embraced Imperfection

Are you a perfectionist who constantly feels like you’re falling short? Do you find it difficult to acknowledge your achievements and live in constant fear of being exposed as a fraud? If so, you may be familiar with the frustrating phenomenon known as Impostor Syndrome. But don’t worry, I’ve been there too, and in this […]

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Why Perfectionism Is a Weakness Not a Strength

Are you someone who always strives for perfection in every aspect of your life? Do you set sky-high standards for yourself and feel a constant need to achieve flawlessness? Well, let’s dive into what drives your pursuit of perfection and why you, as a perfectionist, are more prone to experiencing Impostor Syndrome. The Perfectionist’s Mindset […]

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Are You in An Emotionally Abusive Relationship?

Are you in an emotionally abusive relationship? If you’re thinking you might be, then you probably are!

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