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Unleashing Her Inner Warrior (HC)


This workbook aims to enable women to take responsibility for their mental wellness, in order to fight depression, and for better, healthier, and happier living.  It is designed to provide women with the tools they need to cultivate emotional wellness, resilience, and purpose in their lives. Through a series of exercises, assessments, and insights, women will learn how to manage low moods, anxiety, and stress, set healthy boundaries, build strong relationships, and discover their unique purpose and direction in life.


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Globally, there are an estimated 280,000,000 people affected by depression. 100 million of which are on the continent of Africa. 66 million of these are women mainly in urban centres. This figure is meant to double according to World Health Organization by 2030. The implications of this on women, families, communities, and the workplace are frightening.

Women on the continent of Africa, are facing an overwhelming mental health crisis, due to the overwhelming levels of chronic stress faced daily. The number of women affected by depression reflects how women are struggling to cope. By prioritizing their own emotional and emotional wellness, women can unlock their full potential and create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful.


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