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Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy for online life coaching



The time allocated to you for person-to-person sessions is reserved especially for you. Being on time for your session is greatly appreciated. If you are 15 minutes or more late, we reserve the right not to conduct the session. Please bear in mind that if you do arrive late for an appointment, your session will still conclude at the allocated time.


We reserve the right to modify or cancel any session if unforeseen circumstances arise. If we cancel we shall inform you as soon as possible.


1. Without prejudice to the following terms, we will provide a full refund for any individual bookings which are canceled within the first 3 days after the making of that booking and where the session date has not already passed.

2. If you wish to cancel or reschedule a booking, please note the following cancellation conditions will apply, where you are seeking to cancel a session after the 3 day cooling-off period referred to above:

i) less than 48 hours prior to the session – $50 administration fee;

ii) Failure to show for a session- the full cost of a session will be charged i.e no refund.

3. Administration fees need to be transferred to be sent via our website shop account within 72 hours, for rescheduling.

PLEASE REMEMBER: You can cancel or reschedule your session by contacting us via our website email.



This user agreement applies to all services we offer through the website it owns and operates. By using our services, you confirm that you accept the following terms and conditions.

1. Payment instructions

All sessions must be prepaid. We are not responsible for payments applied to a wrong account

Cost and use of prepaid sessions

The client bears full responsibility for all costs that may result from the use of our services. All sessions must be held within 60 days of purchase. Fees can be changed at any time without prior notice. 

Rescheduling a live session

If you want to reschedule your live session, you must contact us 48 hours before the session starts. If you are unable to attend your session and give us less than 48 hours’ notice, the session will be canceled, and you will not receive a refund.

2. Problem situations

All sessions begin punctually. The client must be present at the session start. Failure to do so after 10 minutes into the session will result in cancellation without a refund. We will contact you by email if there is a problem on our end or if we are unable to reach you for a live session. We reserve the right to cancel any session at any time, without prior notice. If the therapy center has to cancel a session, the session fee will be fully refunded. The following may render us unable to provide the service: internet connection malfunction, a situation that is out of our scope or practice and/or competence, or if there’s another type of a security risk to you or us.

3. Not emergency service

This is not a substitute for an emergency service. If you suffer from severe depression, experience a sudden onset of a psychological crisis, or contemplate harming yourself or another person, please contact your local emergency hospital or any other helpline you may have available.

4. Waiver of liability

The client uses the service at their own risk and bears full responsibility for all decisions and actions that he (or she) may or may not take before, during, or after using the service. In participating in its activities, the client hereby releases and discharges us, the website, and the consultants working on behalf of Shibero Consultancy, of any form of claims, causes, actions, or demands, which the client, or the client’s associates or family, may have hereafter in connection with economical, physical, or emotional harm or damage, which could result from activities and behaviors inflicted by the client, or the client’s associates or family, or anyone else while attending counseling or coaching services at the website, or at the company. The client, who decides to use the service, waives the right to sue the website and Shibero Akatsa, and any of the consultants who may have given the service, regardless of the client’s nationality, residence, or the jurisdiction the client is protected.

5. Termination of services

a. Voluntary termination: The client voluntarily participates in these services and may decide at any point to discontinue the use of services. There’s no reimbursement for prepaid sessions that the client decides not to use. b. Involuntary termination: The client may be terminated from services for reasons that put the safety or economic prosperity of the client, or its consultants, at risk.

6. Technology decisions, booking system, and confidentiality agreement

a. Technology decisions: We are not responsible for the functionality or data security of the technical solution(s) online. We use Zoom for our online work. Zoom has implemented several security features that can make it a secure platform for online counseling, workshops, calls, and life coaching. These features include end-to-end encryption, password protection for meetings, waiting room options, and the ability to remove disruptive participants.

b. However, to ensure the highest level of security for your online sessions, it is essential to take additional steps, such as using strong passwords, keeping your Zoom software up-to-date, and setting up two-factor authentication for your Zoom account. Additionally, it is recommended to only use Zoom for confidential sessions on a secure and private network and to avoid sharing sensitive information during Zoom meetings.

c. Booking system: The client cannot use the therapy service without using the booking system provided by the company if he or she so wishes. In that case the client needs to contact our office via email or through text on the phone to make a booking.

d. Confidentiality agreement: The client agrees to respect and maintain the confidentiality of all information and advice given by us, during and after the use of our service. Any communication from the consultant may not be copied, recorded, and/or released to a third party. The client records are confidential data and shall not be released to anybody during or after the use of the service.

7. Information acknowledgment

By using the service, the client acknowledges having read and accepted the list of Fees and Costs as published on the website, that she understands the information in this User Agreement which includes the Terms and Conditions, and that any questions that the client had about the information contained on the website were answered to her satisfaction prior the use of the service. The client is aware that she can refer to this website should clarification be needed now, or in the future, regarding anything related to the services we offer. Additionally, the client is aware that should she need to contact us, it can be done by email or by phone during office hours. The contact information can be found on our website. 

The client agrees to continue to maintain this agreement even after his (or her) active affiliation with us has ended. Shibero Consultancy is a private company registered in Nairobi, Kenya. 


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