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Hotseat Participation Guide

The hot seat is an interactive and transformative coaching experience designed to address personal challenges and provide valuable insights and support. This document will guide you on how to get into a hot seat session, where you can bring your greatest struggle for coaching or participate by listening to your peers’ challenges.

Understand the Purpose of the Hotseat:

The hot seat is a space where individuals can receive guidance, support, and feedback from a group of peers or a coach. It aims to create a safe environment where participants can openly share their struggles and receive valuable insights to help them overcome their challenges.


When participating in a hot seat session, we have to follow certain rules to ensure a respectful and supportive environment for the person in the hot seat. Here are the rules we follow:

  1. Confidentiality: It’s important to maintain confidentiality. You’re not permitted to share any personal details or sensitive information discussed during the hot seat session outside of the designated group.
  2. Active Listening: We encourage active listening from all participants. It is crucial to provide undivided attention to the person in the hot seat without interrupting or passing judgment.
  3. Non-Judgment and Respect: We aim to create a safe, judgment-free, and respectful atmosphere. Mind your language (keep it clean) your tone of voice, and body language, ensuring that all feedback and comments are constructive and supportive.
  4. Focus on the Hotseat Participant: During the hot seat session, all attention should be directed towards the person in the hot seat. Participants outside of the hot seat should refrain from discussing their own challenges or experiences unless specifically asked to do so.
  5. Time Limits: 15 minutes in the hot seat. This ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to share and receive feedback. Adhere to these time limits to maintain a balanced and efficient session.
  6. Contributions are to be made in the chat. To be read out by the facilitator. 
  7. If you’d like to offer support, Raise your hand online and wait for their turn before speaking. This rule prevents interruptions and promotes effective communication.
  8. No Advice Giving: Refrain from offering direct advice unless explicitly asked by the person in the hot seat. Instead, share your experiences, ask clarifying questions, and offer insights that might help broaden perspectives.
  9. Supportive Feedback: Give feedback that is supportive, constructive, and based on their own experiences or observations. Feedback should focus on offering new perspectives, suggestions, or resources that may assist the person in the hot seat.

To Book. 

Ensure you have prepared for the Hotseat as below:

a. Identify Your Greatest Struggle: Reflect on the challenges you are currently facing and choose one that you would like to address in the hotseat. It could be related to your personal life, career, relationships, or any other area where you seek guidance.

b. Clarify Your Goals: Define what you hope to gain from the hot seat experience. Consider the specific insights, advice, or perspectives you are seeking to help you move forward.

c. Hot set Time per Person. 15 minutes

Request Hotseat Coaching:

  1. Make sure you understand how to prepare for the hot seat. 
  2. Keep in mind – your time is 15 minutes at the most.

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