AMHFA for the Workplace


This course provides you with an overview of the common mental health problems people may experience in the workplace, the symptoms and effects on staff, and what you and your organization should do to support any employees who are struggling. You will also learn how to promote positive mental health in your workplace and make adjustments; skills that will help you to give employees the support they require so that they give you the best of themselves at work.

Globally 350 million people suffer from depression, with rates of depression across the continent of Africa at 100,000,000 with 66,000,000 of this being women in Africa.  All this is higher than those to be found in Europe or the United States of America. There is very little or no access to effective treatment or any treatment at all. The World Bank considers depression to be the “greatest thief of productive economic life” on the continent of Africa.

Depression is often triggered by an accumulation of stress, that goes untreated. A workplace is a place where ongoing stress is generated daily. Although work-related stress is not an illness the psychological impact does make employees more vulnerable to depression, especially women as reflected in the figures below above.

Women in the workplace, are three times more vulnerable to depression. Considering women contribute more than 50% of the workforce, there is a case for supporting women’s mental wellness by providing them with sustainable resilience skills and creating an environment that will enable women to be productive, without acquiring mental ill health.



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