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Your Future Will Be Far Brighter Than Your Past’ Job 8:7

Empowerment for Overcoming, Healing, Through, and Thriving After Divorce or Relationship Break-Up from Narcissistic Partner

I too, went through an extremely acrimonious divorce but by God’s grace, I survived it. Am thriving now and living my best life ever. There is HOPE, as long as you go through the healing process. I know how challenging this journey can be. I’m here to offer you a compassionate, non-judgmental approach to your healing and recovery.


No matter what the nature of a relationship, be it marriage, civil partnership or simply your significant other, it is never an easy situation when you are facing a breakup, separation or divorce.

Whatever the reasons for the breakdown, the range of emotions you experience can be powerful and thus the situation can feel overwhelming and difficult to cope with. Consequently, the ending of the relationship can also start to feel as though your whole world is ending. Therapy for Coping with Divorce and Relationship Breakupshelps you to work through these emotions and to come to terms with your new and changed circumstances.

Emerging from the breakup with a more positive attitude

Despite the initial belief that divorce or separation only brings negativity, it is possible to recover and emerge stronger once you have processed the experience. The lessons learned from this difficult period can lead to greater wisdom and a more optimistic outlook on future relationships. Engaging in counseling and working through your emotions post-breakup can provide valuable support, ultimately guiding you towards a happier and more positive future.

Emotions Triggered by Breakups, Separation & Divorce:

Trauma: Breakups, separations, and divorces can cause trauma reactions, leading to physical symptoms like sleep and eating disturbances, headaches, sweating, and stomach upsets. Emotionally, one may experience disorientation, hyper-alertness, mood swings, panic, isolation, and detachment.

Grief: Ending a relationship involves grieving the loss of the relationship itself, the person, the envisioned future, and the sense of identity associated with the relationship. Even if the relationship was negative or abusive, there is still a loss that needs to be processed.

Confusion: Separating from someone suddenly or temporarily can leave you feeling confused, uncertain about your emotions, and questioning what is right or wrong.

‘Stuckness’: The feeling of being trapped or weighed down in a relationship, where things seem repetitive and stagnant. It can also involve feeling stuck within oneself, unsure about personal desires and identity.

Rollercoaster of emotions: The end of a relationship can bring about a wide range of emotions, including anger, freedom, guilt, shame, failure, relief, and joy.

Overwhelm: Dealing with the emotional trauma of a breakup alongside the practical and legal aspects, such as lawyers, solicitors, and custody battles, can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed and reaching a breaking point.

Powerlessness: Separation and divorce may evoke a feeling of powerlessness, where one’s voice feels unheard and their agency in the relationship and its ending is diminished.

Anxiety and/or Depression: Given the turbulent and stressful nature of breakups, separation, and divorce, it is common to experience heightened anxiety, constant worry, and even feelings of hopelessness or wanting to give up.

How can therapy help with separation and divorce?

Therapy offers a dedicated space for you to navigate the impact of your breakup, separation, or divorce. It may encompass some, all, or none of the following aspects, but its purpose is to support you in processing the experiences you’ve had.

Therapy for Divorce, Separation and Relationship Breakups It provides:

  • – Understanding, management, and coping strategies for the emotional aftermath of the split, helping you deal with any trauma you may have experienced.
  • – A calm refuge amidst the storm of legal procedures, lawyers, and court matters. It’s a place where you can find objectivity and create space to rediscover yourself and your desires amidst the chaos.
  • – A non-judgmental environment to openly grieve the significance of the relationship and what it meant to you.
  • – An opportunity to explore and uncover your identity, desires, and the factors that led you to this point in your relationship.
  • – Insight into the source of powerlessness and a chance to regain a sense of control over your situation.
  • – Assistance in unraveling and understanding the complex mix of emotions you’re experiencing.
  • – Moving forward,therapy for Relationship Breakups allows you to step back and gain objectivity and space. It acts as a “pause” when everything feels overwhelming and chaotic during a divorce or separation. Through therapy you can begin to envision a path out of pain and difficult emotions, even though it may seem impossible in the midst of the separation. It not only helps you comprehend what has happened but also initiates the healing process by reconnecting with yourself.
  • Here are the questions that counselling can help you address as you move forward:
    • What do you want for your future?
    • What feels important to you at this point in your life?
    • What changes would you like to make as you move forward?

    Working through a divorce can uncover surprising revelations about yourself and plant the seeds for the changes and new beginnings you desire in your life.

    By taking the first steps towards healing and moving forward, you can contact Shibero to discuss therapy for coping with Divorce, Separation and Relationship Breakups.

    In the 1:1 therapy sessions, you get to work with Shibero for 50 minutes, in which you get the intimate 25 years of her professional clinical and life experiences.

    Shibero too, went through an extremely acrimonious divorce, so really understands where your coming from and how she can walk with you in this season of pain, and possibly trauma.

We offer the following services in therapy:


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Package of 8 sessions

  • 8 x 1-hour one-on-one sessions Assessment interview Short-term goal setting Personal Development Plan
  • Assessment interview
  • Short-term goal setting
  • Personal Development Plan

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Finally! Someone who really understands the experiences of women going through separation and divorce in an environment where women often are the lesser”

Patricia. L


When I came to Shibero I was suicidal. I had been in a marriage where where there was a lot of abuse including sexual, violent, financial, Shibero helped me find the reason to live again …. I’ll never foget that”.


Designer 2

I realize just how much women suffer through separation and divorce. It is helping me take a look at what got me here and giving me the strength, courage, and voice to begin to look forward. “

Victoria. D.

South Africa.


Nairobi, Kenya


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